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A product designer. In the past I’ve started companies and have worn different hats in product & growth.  

This is a place where I share my observations and try to deconstruct interesting ideas. To stay in touch, feel free to join my newsletter.

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Origins of interfaces. Before we had buttons & sliders in software apps, they were used in tanks, submarines, planes and radios. The story behind those interactions and why they have persisted so long is worth exploring. 

How would today’s products look if people had 4 hands, or if just one the laws of physics was completely changed?
Rise and fall of empires compared to the rise and fall of businesses. The similarities in timing, exploitation of unfair advantages, massive spread, dominance, stagnation and collapse. 
The U.S. military SAGE Computer System, developed in the 1950’s, is probably the largest, heaviest, and most expensive computer system ever built. It also had cool CRT displays and light gun pointing devices. [Inside IBM’s $67 billion SAGE, the largest computer ever built]
Ocean of books – a visual way to explore authors and interesting books trough maps and territories
What is progress?  “50,000 years ago, our ancestors lived at the mercy of nature. They had stone tools, and the use of fire—and not much else. They had no agriculture: they survived by hunting and foraging. They had no medicine. They had small boats to travel short distances on water, but on land they had to walk, and anything they took had to be carried. They had language, but no writing. Of course, they had no science. And they had only the tribe to protect them: no police, no courts, no law. In short, their lives were characterized by abject poverty, superstition born of ignorance, and constant tribal warfare.”–  Smart, Rich & Free by The Roots of Progress

Perspective hopping. Seeing things from different perspectives is often beneficial, but it mostly happens by accident. Taking time to intentionally look at things from different angles is a fun exercise, that unlocks a lot of creativity, understanding and appreciation of the world.  The scale of the universe , The scale of projects