I help companies design useful & engaging products

We can work together and turn design into a competitive advantage for your business

Users are not engaged & the bar is higher than you think

People expect seamless and well thought experiences, regardless of the stage of the company or the resources behind it.

You don’t want to pour hundreds of hours in functionality that people won’t grasp. Nor you want to spend a ton in paid ads, while people get stuck at sign-up.

To compete in this reality you need to consider design not as a mere technical step in the process, but as a strategic part of your business.

Here's how I can help you make the jump

Product design

I’ll help you shape a product from idea to interactive prototypes and reach potential users within weeks

Marketing pages

Untie the hands of your marketing team with a designer dedicated to producing landing pages that will finally convey the true value of your product


Get an in-depth review of your onboarding and a redesign that will remove friction and drive users to success and adoption

I’ve spent 10+ years solving complex
design problems​


case study

I’ve been on both sides of the table

I have been a founder myself and I understand how hard it is to launch a product, how expensive user acquisition is, and how difficult is to figure out exponential growth. 

All of this while being stretched between the expectations of your customers, team and investors.

Those experiences have helped me develop a better judgement for solving design problems, while taking all the complex implications into account – your business goals, customer’s needs and technical debt. 

Here are some of my thoughts

Design decisions

Anatomy of value propositions

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